Dedicated, Diverse & Dependable Fundamentally Functional Fitness in an enjoyable environment

CrossFit 77 is the premier CrossFit gym in the Mooresville, Lake Norman, and Davidson areas of North Carolina. We are conveniently located at 159 Raceway Drive in Mooresville, NC between Exit 35 and Exit 36. CrossFit 77 is a company forged from the idea that there is a better way to achieve and sustain health, fitness, and performance.

At CrossFit 77, you will find a program that utilizes Crossfit training concepts from a variety of backgrounds, including gymnastics, kettlebells, running, rowing, interval training, and weightlifting. The members at Crossfit 77 come from a wide range of backgrounds and locations. Even though our CrossFit gym is based in Mooresville, we have members from Davidson, Huntersville, and even Concord. Our community is composed of everyday dads, moms, teens, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, military, police, professional/amateur/student athletes, and almost anyone else you can think of. We offer group classes, personal training, customized personal programming, and online personal training for all fitness levels and goals.

Workout of the Day:

Three Cs To Success


There is no substitute for consistency. We strive to help you set goals and achieving them through consistent training and healthy nutrition.


The backbone of our CrossFit gym is the shared struggle of everyday moms, dads, professionals, cops, nurses, and people just like you. No matter your goal, the community support you’ll get at CrossFit 77 will help you achieve it!


Proper technique is essential to achieving fitness goals in a healthy and safe manner. Our coaches aim to teach you the movements with correct form so that you have the ability to reach your goals.