• Community

    The backbone of our program. Crossfit 77 is a place where average people from all walks of life can come together to achieve above average things.

  • Kettlebell Swings

    A powerful hinging movement that utilizes the posterior chain in violent hip extension. This is a fancy way of saying it makes your butt look great and makes you more athletic and explosive.

  • Deadlift

    A powerlifting movement which when performed correctly can help build strength and stability by lifting weight off the ground from a hinged position.

  • Gymnastics

    The foundation of all fitness programs should be understanding proper movement. Everyone from advanced athletes to grandparents need to understand how to move properly before worrying about intensity!

  • Power

    The ability to move large loads, long distances, quickly, correctly and safely is a defining criteria of both fitness and athleticism.

  • Stability

    The key to maintaining proper form and preventing injury is being able to sustain proper alignment and posture in any position.

  • Strict Pull Ups

    An upper body vertical pulling movement that is paramount to creating a well rounded and fit person... and yes... our girls DO PULL UPS.

Welcome to CrossFit 77!

CrossFit 77 is the premier CrossFit gym in the Mooresville, Lake Norman, and Davidson areas of North Carolina. We are conveniently located at 159 Raceway Drive, Mooresville, NC between Exit 35 and Exit 36. CrossFit 77 is a company forged from the idea that there is a better way to achieve and sustain health, fitness, and performance.

At CrossFit 77, you’ll find a program that utilizes training concepts from a variety of backgrounds including gymnastics, kettlebells, running, rowing, interval training, and weightlifting. The members at CrossFit 77 come from a wide range of backgrounds and locations. Even though we are based in Mooresville, we have members from Davidson, Huntersville, and even Concord. Our community is composed of everyday dads, moms, teens, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, military, police, professional/amateur/student athletes, and almost anyone else you can think of. We offer group classes, personal training, customized personal programming, and online personal training for all fitness levels and goals.

We make a covenant with each of our members that no matter who you are or what your goal is we WILL give you the structure, the knowledge, and the accountability you need to get the results you seek!