“That’s it, enough is enough”….This was the thought that screamed at Mark when he turned 45. He was always a gym rat when he was younger, but as it usually happens, life got in the way. Mark started a business, got married, had kids, and before he knew it, 15 years had gone by. Each year he got a little less active, gained a few more pounds, and at 45, he was finally fed up. He was constantly tired even though he wasn’t very active, and to make matters hit home even more, his wife had gotten herself in incredible shape. She had discovered Crossfit, and after about a year, had made a complete transformation. He thought, “If she could do it, so could I.” Mark said that it was intimidating walking in to do his first WOD and seeing all the fit people, but he said that everyone was so welcoming and so supportive. He thought, “wow, there is some magic happening here.” He was hooked and have been ever since. Here it is almost 10 years later, he has his Crossfit Level 1 Certification, and claims that he is so lucky to have the oppertunity to coach at a facility that is second to none when it comes to the knowledge base of all the coaches, as well as the amazing sense of community that is apparent every day. As the oldest coach age-wise, he gets a special thrill when people his age come in and are ready and willing to make a truly life-altering change. It is never too late. The journey continues.

Mark is a husband and a father. He is a transplanted lifetime NY’er loving Carolina living, avid golfer, former drummer and piano player, lover of clever humor.


  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified
  • OPEX-CCP Physical Assessment Level 1
  • OPEX-CCP Program Design Level 1
  • OPEX-CCP Life Coaching Level 1