Jacob was born in Orlando, Florida and was five years old when his family moved to Mooresville, North Carolina. Since then he found himself playing sports of all kinds. Deciding to stick with soccer, Jacob played through his senior year in high school and ended up being the Captain on many of the teams he played with.

After high school, Jacob wanted to find something that challenged him and something that would allow him to continue competing at a high level. Through a friend, he found fitness and it definitely changed his life.

Struggling with his weight much of his childhood, it was always something Jacob was very insecure about. After seeing how hard work and dedication changed the person he was, he knew he wanted to help others find out what they are truly capable of as well. He found Crossfit not long after starting his fitness journey and never looked back.

After finding Crossfit and competing at some competitions, Jacob has gravitated towards Weightlifting. As an athlete, he hopes to improve on his weightlifting technique and increase his total. As a coach, he wants to help others find the best versions of themselves through health and fitness and help them reach and surpass goals they never thought were possible.