I come from a family of professional racers so it’s safe to say racing is sort of “in my blood.” Growing up, I competed in pretty much every form of racing under the sun. My racing career was cut short after sustaining a traumatic injury where I ruptured my kidney and was placed on bed rest for nine months. My father and I have always wanted to be involved in the health and fitness business. As soon as I became of age, I completed various fitness certifications and trained regularly. For the longest time I thought I was a physically fit individual. That consensus was shattered upon my first Crossfit workout.

Like most individuals who give Crossfit a chance, I was hooked. I began studying the movements, techniques and the athletes who compete in Crossfit professionally and made the decision that Crossfit was the route I needed to take in order to accomplish my health and fitness goals. I joined Crossfit 77 and everything since has been nothing short of amazing. The coaching staff and the members brought me in as one of their own on the first day and I knew Crossfit 77 was the place for me.

I am currently pursuing my degree in Business as well as running Crossfit 77 (which is a dream come true). None of this would be possible without the mentorship that the entire staff at Crossfit 77 provides. All I all, if you are looking for constant growth as an athlete or as a physically fit human being, this is the place for you.


  • “Crossfit Level 1
  • AFPA Personal Training
  • AFPA Advance Personal Training
  • AFPA Nutrition and Consult
  • AFPA Sports Conditioning
  • AFPA Master Personal Training
  • Amateur Motorcross SouthEast Regional Rider
  • 2014 Rookie USCS 600 Winner@ Carolina Speedway
  • Catawba College Football”