“Coming to the gym is one of the biggest highlights of my day. I enjoy the environment, the community and friendship, even the pain of the WODs. It makes me a happier and more energetic person and I bring that home with me to my family.”

Kim is a 35 year old Analyst at Lowe’s Corporate. She has been apart of the Crossfit 77 family since fall of 2013. Kim started at a Crossfit gym in 2010 that later closed so she began her search for a new gym. “The members and coaches at 77 were the friendliest and most welcoming. They treated me like a member from the beginning so I knew it was the right place for me.”

Since Kim joined Crossfit 77. she has lost over 40 pounds, learned what proper nutrition can do for your mind and body, has the ability to do more gymnastics moves than she was able to do as a child, increased her lift weights, and also has gained lifelong friends.