“Outside of the needs of my family, training at the gym was my next biggest priority; therefore, I always start with, “When am I training today?” and place everything else around that.

Dana is a 48 year old mother, former high school athlete (gymnastics, cross country, track, softball, basketball), National Aerobic Champion, completed 3 Sprint Triathlons and 1 Marathon, BS from College of Charleston, MBA from Wilmington College, and current Crossfit 77 coach. Her journey at Crossfit 77 started in 2014, in search for a gym with a competitive component in a group setting. Upon training at 77, Dana went on to place 14th in the 2015 crossfit open and 25th overall in the Master Division. Here are a few words of advice from Dana:

Keeping my priorities straight – getting up consistently at 5am to train and having 3 teenage boys who stay up until 11pm, makes for one tired mom! It’s the constant balance of being a great athlete while at the same time being a great wife and mom. In just a few, short years, my sweet boys will be out of the house. Whenever I find myself too tired (due to training) to love my family well, I step back, re-evaluate, and make the necessary changes, even if it means training less or differently than I wish. Pertaining to Crossfit, you must utilize a training program specifically designed for you, which means jumping out of group class and into personal programming. Once you’ve done that, then focus on recovery, sleep, and NUTRITION!!!”