“Coming to the gym is one of the biggest highlights of my day. I enjoy the environment, the community and friendship, even the pain of the WODs. It makes me a happier and more energetic person and I bring that home with me to my family.”

Kim is a 35 year old Analyst at Lowe’s Corporate. She has been apart of the Crossfit 77 family since fall of 2013. Kim started at a Crossfit gym in 2010 that later closed so she began her search for a new gym. “The members and coaches at 77 were the friendliest and most welcoming. They treated me like a member from the beginning so I knew it was the right place for me.”

Since Kim joined Crossfit 77. she has lost over 40 pounds, learned what proper nutrition can do for your mind and body, has the ability to do more gymnastics moves than she was able to do as a child, increased her lift weights, and also has gained lifelong friends.


“I feel great and can do things I never thought I would be able to do when I first started”

Anna Marinelli is a 34 year old, office manager who has been training at Crossfit 77 since 2012. Here is a little more about Anna’s story.

“Prior to CrossFit, I was a runner. I needed something different, I was tired of running all the time and I needed a change. I thought I was in great shape, I was wrong. My first CrossFit class kicked my butt and I realized I was not in the great shape I thought I was. I was hooked immediately and I truly look forward to class everyday for not only the workout but also the friends and social aspect” Anna is now able to do multiple strict pull ups, rope climbs, double unders, and push-up. Her body fat percentage has majorly decreased and she states that she feels much stronger and much more confident. She also, discovered her new love for olympic lifting.


“Simply put, I am in the best shape of my life!”

Jon is a 43 year old husband, father of two great kids, scuba diver, photographer, Star Wars nerd and CrossFitter that started. Jon as a personal programming client, who came to the gym in 2014 thanks to his wife, Julie. Here is a little more about Jon’s story:

“I have always been involved in sports since I was a kid and have always been fairly ‘athletic’ and considered myself ‘fit’. I could run a mile or 5K with little to no training, I can hit a baseball or tennis ball, catch a football, kick a soccer ball, do a few pull ups or push ups, no problem. I can now, at the age of 43 (going on 44) run faster, jump higher, lift more weight and do some pretty cool gymnastic moves that I would have never even tried a few years ago….The biggest difference I see in myself is confidence, inside and outside of the gym. When I began this whole CrossFit thing, I would see the workout and think to myself, ‘This is going to be terrible, no way I can this’. Now, I know I can do it. I think to myself, ‘Bring it on, I got this!’. Outside the gym, I know that if I can survive ‘Fran’ or ‘Cindy’ or any of the other workouts, I can handle most situations


“Outside of the needs of my family, training at the gym was my next biggest priority; therefore, I always start with, “When am I training today?” and place everything else around that.

Dana is a 48 year old mother, former high school athlete (gymnastics, cross country, track, softball, basketball), National Aerobic Champion, completed 3 Sprint Triathlons and 1 Marathon, BS from College of Charleston, MBA from Wilmington College, and current Crossfit 77 coach. Her journey at Crossfit 77 started in 2014, in search for a gym with a competitive component in a group setting. Upon training at 77, Dana went on to place 14th in the 2015 crossfit open and 25th overall in the Master Division. Here are a few words of advice from Dana:

Keeping my priorities straight - getting up consistently at 5am to train and having 3 teenage boys who stay up until 11pm, makes for one tired mom! It’s the constant balance of being a great athlete while at the same time being a great wife and mom. In just a few, short years, my sweet boys will be out of the house. Whenever I find myself too tired (due to training) to love my family well, I step back, re-evaluate, and make the necessary changes, even if it means training less or differently than I wish. Pertaining to Crossfit, you must utilize a training program specifically designed for you, which means jumping out of group class and into personal programming. Once you’ve done that, then focus on recovery, sleep, and NUTRITION!!!”


“Work hard, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Control what you can control, understand what you can’t. That being said, be the first person at the workouts, the last one to leave, and the hardest worker.”

Anthony is an 18 year old student who plays baseball at Lake Norman High School. He plans on continuing his academics and baseball career at Macalester College in the Fall of 2018. Anthony started as an Elite Performance client in 2013. He said he choose 77 because of the personalized baseball specific workouts, professionalism and coaching style of Coach Jaspen, friendly and family-like environment. Since joining 77 he has been awarded Wildcat Award Winner (2015), All Conference (2017), Charlotte Hot Stove Baseball Scholar Athlete of the Year (2018), and played on the Varsity baseball team at Lake Norman High for 3 years. Anthony continues to workout at Crossfit 77 as a personal training and personal programming clients, as well as joins group classes from time to time.


“I like to feel good look good and be in shape and that just makes the whole world good for me”

Anne is a Medical Device Sales Representative that started Crossfit 77 in the Fall of 2016. Anna wanted a “new me”. She was bored of other gyms. She played team sports in both high school and college and she grew tired of working out alone. She she sat down for a consultation with one of our gym trainers, she discovered that Crossfit 77 was the right fit for her. Anne is now able to clean over 85 pounds and has gained new friendships along the way.

“I don’t believe getting on a scale so wait meaning the number is not important to me. The most important to me is how my clothes fit and how I feel. Right now I feel pretty darn good, and all my smaller clothes fit me."


“I found that if I really want to be successful and achieve my goals, then I would have to incorporate personal programming into my weekly routine - this was not optional. However, I ended up loving it so much that training did not feel like an obligation, but it was something I genuinely looked forward to everyday.”

Brooke is a 19 year old student that plays Women’s Soccer for Catawba College. Brooke came to the gym in 2013 as a Elite Performance client. In January of 2017, Brooke became a personal programming client so that she could continue her workouts during school. Here is a little more about Brooke’s story:

I chose 77 over other gyms because of the coaching staff and the incredible environment. I receive personal attention every time I come in. All the coaches truly want to get to know me in order to help me become the best version of myself both on and off the field. Through training with 77, I have become much more advanced in soccer by becoming stronger and faster. Things really took off for me once I began personal programming. I became the strongest I have ever been which transformed my game on the soccer field. In terms of accolades, I am a 4 year varsity starter for my high school team, 4-time All Conference, 4-time All Region, 2-time All State, 3-Time State Champion (with my travel/club team), National League Champion, AllConference Player of the Year, All-County Player of the Year, All-Region Player of the Year, and Female Athlete of the Year. I have also received a scholarship to play soccer at Catawba College and earned a starting position my freshman year.


“From my own experience, I can say, there is no place better. The concern for “your” goals/fitness/health are paramount. The CrossFit community as a whole is welcoming and 77 is a true family.”

Karen Baldwin joined the Crossfit 77 family in January 2013. She was 57 years old when she started 77 and she works as an Executive Recruiter. Here is a Karen’s story:

“I enrolled with CrossFit77 January 15, 2013. It was a big decision to try a Crossfit program, I knew it would be difficult and costly. Even though I had always been a athlete and physically active, I had let myself get so out of shape. The young coach taking my application asked me what I wanted to achieve. Lose weight of course! “Is that all?” he asked. No it wasn’t, I wanted to feel good about myself, be active without being winded, be agile, have stamina, and regain my youth. So I signed up for 3 classes a week in the evening. 77 was a whole new environment to me, the LOUD music, sweaty and muscled bodies everywhere, intrigued as I was, I had to ask myself…’is this for me?… is this me? ….Hell yeah, I want to look like them!’…156 is what I weighed when I began at 77, I weigh 130 now and lost 3 pant sizes. But weight is not the story. I am stronger and leaner than I have been in 30 years. My weight might have been less in my 30s, but I was never this strong. Nutrition classes were offered, so I went. Leaning more about my food consumption, how to count Macros, has given me the knowledge to focused on eating a balanced diet of protein, carbs and fat, not to say I don’t enjoy myself, but staying aware of my eating and sleeping keeps me on point to perform, have energy, and feel good. Maybe regaining my youth was an unrealistic goal, but I don’t feel my age, and I want to keep it that way.”


“I found that if I really want to be successful and achieve my goals, then I would have to incorporate personal programming into my weekly routine - this was not optional. However, I ended up loving it so much that training did not feel like an obligation, but it was something I genuinely looked forward to everyday.”

Mary is a 52-year-old wife, mother of three and grandmother of four. She worked as a dental hygienist for 19 years. Her and her husband started going to group classes at Crossfit 77 in 2016. Here is a little about Mary’s story:

“My health journey started after having three kids. I have struggled with my weight since high school, and I was once told my thighs were larger than most of the football players. It was then that I decided I was never going to let myself be large. I started running in 1992 and have progressed through the years with many different gyms and workouts. Nothing stuck until a few years ago when my husband and I started Insanity, and we read the book ‘Eat This Not That.’ I realized what I was doing was better than most people, but not complete; we needed a life change. Once we changed what we were cooking daily, everything started falling into place. I have changed my diet to achieve my fitness goals of pull-ups, toes-to-bar and handstand push-ups. With the help of personal programming, consistency at the gym and the incredible, knowledgeable coaching team at CrossFit 77, I have achieved my goals and set new ones. The coaches at CrossFit 77 create an environment you want to join. If you’re looking to make a change in your health and wellness, set realistic goals, don’t get discouraged, take one day at a time and you will see the rewards. Pain is weakness leaving the body.”


“We chose to start our fitness journey because we knew we needed to make a change. We were not getting any younger and we could see our health declining. It scared us. We were ready!”

Sara and John Carney are both joined the Crossfit 77 family in late 2016. John and Sara have been married a little over 20 years and have two beautiful children. They own many rental houses on Lake Norman and have worked together for years. Here is a little about their story:

“We knew we would need encouragement along the way and to be pushed to achieve our goals. We chose 77 because we knew the coaches would help keep me accountable to our goals and work with us to obtain the fitness level we desired. I (Sara) have been able to lose 20 pounds while being a member at 77. My husband (John) has lost 40 pounds. My husband and I have changed our nutrition and have incorporated healthy eating into our daily lives. We have implemented a complete lifestyle change while being at 77 in the way of fitness and nutrition. We enjoy cooking together as a family now! We feel so much better. We have more energy for our girls and energy to do things we couldn’t do prior. We recommend 77 to ALL! No matter how old or young you are, the coaches at 77 will meet you where you are physically and nutritionally. They will encourage and help you to become a better version of you. The coaches are passionate and truly want to see you succeed at your fitness goals. 77 is truly a family atmosphere and the members there are so kind and welcoming. Making a decision to get fit is not easy, but it is so worth all the consistent hard work. It’s not a decision you will regret!”


“I always look forward to going to the gym, and love the way I feel afterwards.”

Abby is an 18 year old Founder & CEO of Abby’s Better. After hearing great things about Crossfit 77, she joined the 77 family in early 2017. Here is a little more about Abby’s story:

“I was very unathletic and very uncoordinated when I started crossfit. I have seen great improvement in my overall athleticism. When I was 14, I was overweight and unhappy with my health. I knew I wanted to make a change and start taking care of my body. I used a variety of online/video workout programs, and soon found a love for nutrition. Once I completed Insanity (beach body program) I knew I wanted something more challenging. That’s when I found 77. Not only have I increased in strength, stamina, and my overall fitness, I have also found a love for fitness and exercise.