Program Design

Personal programming is a great way to see LONG-Term progress. Once you progress past the general adaptation of a group CrossFit workout

program, you will begin to plateau, and like any good athlete, you will feel frustrated Get the results you want with our personal training programs. with the pace of your progress. Most people just start adding more workout programs and harder workouts, but this will only work for so long before they begin stalling once again.

The key to sustainable progress is committing to a personal training program that evolves and progresses with your abilities.

A Personal Program is like a scalpel. Precision is the key to success. A group program or another program that isn’t built for just you is inefficient and imperfect because it is not YOUR program, it’s generic.


Our Current Programming clients include:
-Major League Baseball Pitcher
-NASCAR Drivers
-D-1 & D-2 Collegiate Athletes
-CrossFit Games Regional Competitors
-Current and Future Special Operations Soldiers & Airmen
-Fat Loss Clients
-Bodybuilding Competitors
-Shoulder Injury Clients
-Average Moms & Dads
-High School Athletes


In-House Programming

– Monthly Consultation
– Unlimited Access To Facility
– Unrestricted Access To Equipment & Floor Space
– Email + Personal Feedback
– 10 Point Summation Score Body Fat Testing
– Basic Strength & Work Capacity Testing
– Personalized Program
Nutrition Talk + Food Log Review
– Supplement Guide
– Initial Coaching Sessions + Movement Review

Remote Programming

– Monthly Skype Consultation
– Email Feedback
– Basic Strength & Work Capacity Testing
– Personalized Program
– Nutrition Guide + Food Log Review
– Supplement Guide
– Video Analysis

All programming clients receive their programming daily/weekly/monthly, depending on the person, via Google Docs.

If this is something you’re interested in the first step is to bring you in for your basic assessment.

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