After working as a tire changer on the pit crew of an IndyCar team, Paul left his 16 year career in racing to pursue his passion in health and fitness. With 10 years of Crossfit experience, Paul worked as the Manager and Director of Training at a CrossFit gym before venturing out to start his own business with Ken Crowder. For the past 6 years as a coach and gym operator, Paul has worked with athletes who perform at the top levels of sports, such as cross-country, rowing, NASCAR, BMX racing, soccer, football, wrestling, and baseball, not to mention countless other “weekend” athletes and people looking to improve their health.


Paul is a husband, cat lover, lifelong motorsports fan, stock market watcher, meat eater, and bacon and vodka connoisseur.


CrossFit Level 1 Certified
MovNat Level 1 Trainer
OPEX CCP Assessment 1
OPEX CCP Program Design 1
OPEX CCP Nutrition 1
OPEX CCP Life Coaching 1
C.H.E.K. Scientific Back Training Course
C.H.E.K. Core Conditioning Course
C.H.E.K. Program Design Course
Wilkes Weightlifting Olympic Lifting Seminar
Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
BioForce Conditioning Coach
Team Member at the Reebok CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic
Regional 2012
Regional Qualifier CrossFit Games 2009