CrossFit Training

Group Classes

Enjoy a new kind of workout at our CrossFit gym.


  • Train in a group setting led by one of our CrossFit coaches
  • Group classes give you some of the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost, and they give you the benefits of group accountability and drive
  • Classes are run throughout the day and are one hour in length
  • They include strength training, mobility, and a workout!

What Are Foundations?

All new members of our CrossFit gym are required to complete the Foundation Course before attending regular CrossFit training group classes. The course is 3-4 small group sessions where you will learn the basics of movement, barbell technique, nutrition, mobility, and conditioning. You will also run through your initial movement analysis, mobility screen, and work capacity testing. Because our program is based on skill and strength level, this is our chance to assess how you move and determine the appropriate level and exercises to help you reach your goals.

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